16” 5.56/.223 M4 Nitride Barrel Kit

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This Kit is for the real AR builder. This kit is offered so you can choose what handguard, and Muzzle Device you want on your rifle. Some kits give you all the extra parts that will go used anyways for a lot of extra money. Use the extra money you save buying our barrel kit to buy the stuff you really want. Our barrel is made of 4150CMV steel. It is a 16” Government profile/M4 cut barrel. It has a 1/8 twist with a carbine length gas system. They are QPQ nitride inside and out to give it a good combination of long life, great accuracy, and a deep rich dark black finish. Standard 1/2x28 threads. Chambered for 5.56 Nato which give the shooter the ability to shoot all 5.56 Nato cartridges and .223 Remington loads.  



A2 Front Sight w/Sling Loop (Pre-installed and taper pinned into barrel)

Handguard End Cap

Carbine Length Gas Tube with Roll Pin (NOT PICTURED)

Delta Ring Pack (Barrel Nut, Delta Ring, Snap Ring, and Weld Spring)


Black Nitride is becoming more common and slowly replacing the parkerizing of steel parts. Most chrome moly barrels that were parkerized in days past are now melonited, which is a fancy name for black nitride. Nitriding vastly increases the hardness of the metal that is treated without changing the material dimensionally like the build up of a hard coat. This treatment is great for use on barrels to prevent corrosion and increase barrel life. A barrel that is nitrided is going to be more accurate that a chrome lined barrel because chrome plating takes away some of the sharpness of the rifling. The black nitride treatment is very durable and highly resistant to wear and it will not flake because it is not a coating.

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