Gaston J. Glock Odor Absorbing High-Tech Hunting Undershirt, unisex

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  • Out in the bitter cold, until now you were in motion, and have begun to sweat ... and now you have to stay still – not a problem, because the ultra-comfortable thermal undershirt keeps your skin nice and dry and you pleasantly warm. Look forward to taking your next break!
  • Wildlife cannot dectect your scent despite working up a sweat – the carbon reliably absorbs any possible body odors.
  • Highest wearing comfort – the pleasantly soft Skinlife® material makes the underwear barely noticeable.
  • Tested under extreme conditions of up to -40° Fahrenheit.
  • Color: green/gray
  • Material: 52% Skinlife®
  • 21% bio-ceramic
  • 15% polypropylene, 6% carbon, 6% elasthane
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