Z8i ( 1.7-13.3x42 P )

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  • Z8i ( 1.7-13.3x42 P )
  • Z8i ( 1.7-13.3x42 P )
  • Z8i ( 1.7-13.3x42 P )
  • Z8i ( 1.7-13.3x42 P )



  • New 8X Zoom
  • 4 Illuminated Models Z8i 1-8x24 Z8i 1.7-13.3x42 P Z8i 2-16x50 P Z8i 2.3-18x56 P
  • HD Optics (except Z8i 1-8x24)
  • Optional BTF (Ballistic Turret Flex) Elevation turret allows for 3 methods of elevation     correction
  • Optional BTF (Ballistic Turret Flex) Windage turret for easy windage adjustment
  • Both BTF Elevation and Windage Turrets install without the use of tools
  • PBR (Personalized Ballistic Ring) available with 25/50 yard or Mil increments
  • PBR has greater range than Z6 BT models
  • 4A-IF Reticle – The 1st changeable reticle – Go from Dot to Circle Dot
  • Available in the Z8i 1-8x24 or 1.7-13.3x42 P
  • Utilizes a slim 30 mm main tube for an 8X Zoom
  • 4-point coil spring system
  • Extremely High 93% Light Transmission
  • Compact Illumination Controls
  • Long Range BRT-I or BRX-I reticles available
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