Gaston J. Glock Half-Zip Knit Sweater

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  • Gaston J. Glock Half-Zip Knit Sweater
  • Gaston J. Glock Half-Zip Knit Sweater


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  • Classic virgin wool half-zip sweater in a coarse half cardigan stitch pattern for especially good heat insulation.
  • Sturdy seams, a high collar with zipper and overlaps at the sleeves and hem keep you comfortably warm in cold weather.
  • Tough – with synthetic velour patches on the underside of the forearm and on the shoulders.
  • The twisted and double-processed virgin wool…
    • is relatively fine yet robust
    • is breathable
    • can take on up to one-third of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet
    • keeps you pleasantly warm with the air pockets present in the wool
  • Easy care – machine washable.
  • Originating mainly from South America and Australia, the wool is woven in Italy and Eastern Europe by German companies. The twisted yarns are then processed in Germany into this high quality sweater.
  • Color: black
  • Material:
    • 100% pure virgin wool
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