S333 FAQ

1. What is the S333?

It is a double action revolver that fires 2 - 22 magnum shells simultaneously, holding 8 rounds in the cylinder with 4 pulls of the trigger before needing to be reloaded. This is protected by US and Foreign Patent.

2. Why is the system of the S333 superior?

In our opinion, it is the stopping power of 2 shells at once and the simplicity of use compared to a semi-automatic gun. As well as the huge factor of safety in carrying a very small compact double action system with redundancy.

3. How easy is the S333 to use?

Many people cannot pull a double action revolver back and control it, and many (females and elderly) cannot cock a slide on an automatic. In our testing, everyone was able to shoot and control the S333 system without sacrificing any fire power. Not subject to misfires or loaded situation, even when the magazine is out.

4. What is a toggle safety?

It is a piece that protrudes from the trigger, acting as a safety where the trigger cannot be pulled, unless engaged with the toggle.


5. What is a transfer bar safety?

It protects the gun from accidental discharge, unless the trigger is pulled all the way back.

6. Can I shoot the 22 magnum shot shells in the gun?


7. Why 22 magnum?

With 2 magnum shells hitting simultaneously, it has enormous stopping power with virtually no recoil. It is light weight and small, and there is nothing like the redundancy when you need to protect yourself.

8. Why a Rim Fire 22 magnum cartridge?

We feel it is the safest cartridge with the fact of having to penetrate the rim for firing, as opposed to a soft inserted primer. This adds another level of safety without sacrificing stopping power due to the fact that 2 shells are going off simultaneously as opposed to 1 shell. So if you had a bad shell, there is still 1 more shot available.

9. Can I fire 22 long rifle shells?

No, it is only made for 22 magnum.

10. Why is the trigger guard so short?

It does the job of protecting the trigger against accidental firing and protection, yet doesn’t encumber you for fast retrieval.


11. Why is the trigger so long and require 2 fingers?

This allows for superior control and a smoother pull for people that are challenged with trigger strength, as you are cocking and revolving the cylinder every time you pull the trigger.


12. How is this not classified as a machine gun?

The ATF has determined after examining the sample that is classified as a firearm under the gun control act. This means it transfers just as any other handgun would in your state.

13. How is the receiver made?

From a solid block of 7075 pre-hardened aluminum billet.


14. How much does it weigh?

1 lb. 3 oz. Unloaded.

15. What are the dimensions?

Approximately 5” x 5”

16. What finish is on the gun?

Hard coat anodized and synergistic coated.

17. What is the grip made out of?

A specially formulated high strength polymer.


18. What is the cylinder made out of?

4140 steel.


19. What is the barrel made out of?

4140 steel.

20. What kind of sights does it have?

Built in quick sighting system with red dot.

21. Where can I buy an S333?

You can purchase direct from Standard Manufacturing, one of our authorized dealers, and we also sell to major distributors.

22. What is the meaning of S333?

Many of the crime statistics report that when a gun is actually needed and used, it will happen In 3 yards or less, 3 seconds or less, and 3 shots or less. We design the gun to fit that criteria.

23. What is the meaning of Thunderstruck?

We came up with this name due to the enormous energy from the 2 magnum bullets hitting simultaneously.

24. Has there ever been a gun like this before?

Not that we are aware of.

25. What comes with the gun?

The official packaging is a unique box with an embossed picture of the gun on it, gold sealed labels, a cable lock under the form fitted tray with a manual and decal.

26. Are there holsters and other accessories made for the gun?

Yes, they are available on Standard Manufacturing’s website.

27. Are there other calibers planned?


28. What is the warranty period?

It is 1 year from the date you register the gun on Standard Manufacturing website and it must be registered within 10 days of purchase date.

29. If I need warranty work, where do I send it?


30. What are the round circles in the frame?

They are titanium inserts, they add longevity and strength to the gun.

31. There are marks on the face of the gun.

This is where the cylinder inserts into the frame. It will make a small mark.


32. There is a mark around the firing pin.

The recoil will leave a small shadow mark.

33. There is a line on my cylinder, looks like a scratch.

That is from the revolving of the cylinder, perfectly normal.


34. There are marks/scratches on gun.

Before the gun is put in the box, it is heavily inspected to be defect free.

35. Is the S333 CA and MA legal?

The S333 is CA compliant, but not approved for MA or MD. 

36. Is the S333 uncomfortable to shoot?

Actually, it is just the opposite. After trying many different situations, we believe the trigger system we have devised is the easiest, safest, and most comfortable way to shoot this gun. Through out testing, we found out that 2 fingers makes for a much smoother pull of the trigger and the chances of an accidental discharge are extremely diminished. Getting used to our 2 trigger system is very instinctive and people that have trouble shooting a double action gun safely will find this very easy to do.

37. Aren't 22 magnums sometimes hard to ignite, causing misfires?

With the geometry of our hammer and dual spring system, we were able to fire thousands of rounds with 100% dual ignition. 

38. Is the S333 CA & MA legal?

Not yet, it is currently in the approval stage.

39. Looks uncomfortable to shoot.

Actually it is just the opposite with the trigger system we devise after trying many different situations this is by far the easiest safest most comfortable way to shoot this gun with the 2 fingers it makes it very smooth. Through our testing the chances of an accidental discharge is extremely diminished. It is very instinctive to get used to with the 2 trigger system, people that can’t shoot a double action gun safely find this very easy to do.

40. 22 magnums sometimes are hard to ignite causing misfires?

We have tested this gun extensively and with the geometry of our hammer and dual spring system we have fired thousands of rounds with 100% dual ignition.

41. Why 22 Magnum?

With 2- 22 magnum bullets hitting simultaneously, we call that the dual ballistic affect. And the stopping power of this can’t be compared to a single bullet.

42. Rimfires are not normally as reliable as centerfires.

Normally true, but on our patented design with dual springs and a special hammer and firing pin configuration we shoot thousands of bullets with 100 % ignition on both sides. Remember, if you had a misfire it would be highly unlikely you would get it on both sides and you would just revolve to the next cylinder.

43. 2 barrels and 2 cyinders alignment.

This is a precision manufactured part where we are able to perfectly align 2 cylinders and 2 barrels every time which we don’t believe has been done before in a side by side revolver.

The video above shows the trigger being used for slow, accurate shooting. It is like a 2 stage trigger, where you pull it and then just touch it off for accuracy.

The video above shows that operating the trigger this way using 2 fingers is approximately 12 lbs. This is used for rapid firing quick use. The reason we say approximately is because you are using 2 fingers with the toggle trigger safety.


The S333 being assembled


The S333 ready for packaging


The S333 unboxed


The S333 being packed for shipping

Check back, as we get questions asked we will add them to this page.