Want to Return A Gun ? Want to Service Your Gun? Do you need it Repaired?

1. What is a RMA FORM ?
- This is a Return Material Authorization Form utilized to assist with getting a gun that needs
to be serviced, repaired, or returned to our facility.

2. Why is this required?
- Every gun that comes into our building has to be registered into our system, because we only
work on guns we’ve sold or have made. As well as we need to verify who you are and why
your gun is in our building. We cannot register the gun into our system without the proper

Side note : Many people will use 3rd party shippers and use that as their address.. but we will
need your address to know exactly where to send it back to. We cannot ship back to a 3rd
party shipper.

3. What Happens when it gets here?
- There are many departments in our facility. We need to make sure your gun goes to its
assigned Department to get it done quickly and efficiently.

4. What happens if I send in my gun without a RMA number?
- If you do not have the RMA number on the outside of your packaging the gun will be
returned immediately to the address, it was sent in from.

5. What is mandatory I include on my RMA form?
- With the exception of your contact information, it’s very important to include as much
details as you can when filling out the form. Most importantly we need to know in detail
exactly why you’re sending this gun into us, we need to know EXACTLY where you bought
the gun from, and we need to have the serial /model/ and name of the gun.

6. I’ve completed my RMA form, now what?
- After you’ve received your RMA number we’re ready to do the work on the gun immediately.
Most guns are returned same day due to how diligently we work in our building