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Shotgun of the Year Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Capacity—both what’s in the gun and how quickly it can be reloaded—has always been the bane of the shotgun

as a defensive arm. With a typical pump-action shotgun, anywhere from 5 to 9 rounds are commonly available,

and the latter only in extended-tube, defensive-oriented variants. Reloading a shotgun is a time-consuming,

precise feat that requires a significant amount of practice to master, leading some to consider other forms of protection.

With the 14-round-capacity Standard Manufacturing DP-12, though, reloading becomes much less of a concern.

The unique combination of a double barrel—you know you’ve got two shots for certain—coupled with the generous

mag-tube capacity (plus two more in the chambers) in a slick, pump-action platform means the DP-12 should be able to

handle any threat, without needing that pesky reload.

“The DP-12 works reliably, provides a considerable amount of firepower and (in the words of a co-worker) looks like it means business.”  —Jay Grazio, Associate Editor

Winning Features • Bottom-ejection means empty hulls don’t get in the way for lefties • Sixteen rounds of 12-gauge power on tap • Uses Tru-Choke-pattern chokes with custom variants available • Two-at-a-time reloading gets you back in the fight faster Gauge: 12; 3-inch chamber Capacity: 14 rounds Barrel Length: 18.9 inches Overall Length: 29.5 inches Weight: 9 pounds, 12 ounces MSRP: $1,395


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