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S333 Thunderstruck

10/30/2020 - NRA Gun Of The Week: Standard Mfg. S333 Thunderstruck, American Rifleman (CLICK TO VIEW)

08/14/2020 - S333 Thunderstruck Double Barreled .22 Magnum Revolver - Review, Ammoland Shooting Sports News (CLICK TO VIEW)

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07/10/2019 - Standard Mfg's 8-Capacity, Double Barrel S333 Pistol Is Now AvailableBallistic Magazine (CLICK TO VIEW)

01/23/2019 - Standard Manufacturing Brings S333 To Shot Show Floor, GUNS.COM (CLICK TO VIEW)

DP-12 Shotgun

10/19/2020 - Nothing Standard About The Standard Arms DP-12, (CLICK TO VIEW)

08/06/2020 - Standard Manufacturing DP-12 - A Most Unique Shotgun, The National Interest (CLICK TO VIEW)

06/30/2020 - Is This The Ultimate Home-Defense Shotgun, GUNS.COM (CLICK TO VIEW)

04/04/2018 - Review: Standard Mfg. Co. DP-12 ShotgunShooting Illustrated (CLICK TO VIEW)

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07/05/2015 - Gun Review:  Standard Manufacturing DP-12 ShotgunGUNS.COM (CLICK TO VIEW)

SKO Shotgun

07/27/2020 - Shooting Industry: July 2020 Editorial Coverage (CLICK TO VIEW)

08/20/2019 - Review: Standard Manufacturing SKO MiniShooting Illustrated (CLICK TO VIEW) 

06/13/2019 - Gun Review: The Semi-Auto Standard Manufacturing SKO ShortyTactical-Life (CLICK TO VIEW)

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10/27/2017 - Standard Manufacturing's SKO-12 - An American-Made AR-15 Style 12 Gauge, GunsAmerica (CLICK TO VIEW)


01/25/2022 - This Is Not A Tommy Gun: The G4S By Standard Manufacturing - SHOT SHOW 2022, GunsAmerica Digest (CLICK TO VIEW)

04/07/2021 - A Tommy Gun From Space: Standard Manufacturing's G4S, GunsAmerica Digest (CLICK TO VIEW) 

04/06/2021 - Standard Manufacturing G4S Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle, The Firearm Blog (CLICK TO VIEW)

Single Action Revolver

10/14/2021 - Special Single Action Revolver: Standard Manufacturing Improves America’s Iconic Firearm, (CLICK TO VIEW)

10/9/2020 - Heirloom Standard Manufacturing Revolvers - Case Hardened Cowboy Artistry, GUNS Magazine (CLICK TO VIEW)

01/24/2020 - Standard Manufacturing Sets New Standard For The Single Action ArmyRECOIL (CLICK TO VIEW)

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12/16/2021 - Standard Manufacturing Damascus 1911 Brings Back Timeless Build, Ballistic Magazine (CLICK TO VIEW)

02/01/2021 - Custom-Quality 1911 45 ACP Semi-Auto Pistol from Standard (CLICK TO VIEW)

09/27/2018 - Tested: Standard Mfg. 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved PistolAmerican Rifleman (CLICK TO VIEW)

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01/30/2017 - Standard Manufacturing Co. Offers Bone & Charcoal Case Colored 1911, Ammoland Shooting Sports News (CLICK TO VIEW)