S333 Thunderstruck Gen III .22WMR Double Barrel Revolver

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  • S333 Thunderstruck Gen III .22WMR Double Barrel Revolver
  • S333 Thunderstruck Gen III .22WMR Double Barrel Revolver
  • S333 Thunderstruck Gen III .22WMR Double Barrel Revolver


Accuracy - Greater velocity and accuracy comes standard with our new barrel-to-frame commitment. 

  • 2 machined barrels individually threaded into solid barrel thread nut.
  • Solid barrel thread nut pressed into the frame with added security of reverse angle screws - ensuring a tight, stable, and solid fit.
  • Machined aluminum barrel shroud to maintain position and protect barrels.
  • Longer barrels for a more consistent powder burn and reliable bullet stability.
  • Highly visible day/night glow front & rear sights dovetailed into the frame.


What's New - 

  • Longer Barrels
  • Individual Barrels
  • Polymer Lower (Lighter weight)
  • 2-Stage Set Style Trigger/Hammer
  • Dovetailed Day/Night Glow Sights - Front & Rear
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Improved Handling
  • Improved Trigger Control
  • Your Sense of Control & Comfort


Why The S333 Gen III?

  • The S333 is the safest concealed carry gun around. It cannot be accidentally discharged due to it utilizing a two-finger trigger pull, an in-trigger safety block, and a firing pin transfer plate to disengage the hammer from striking the firing pins. Unless the trigger is deliberately pulled its full travel length this firearm will not fire. This means an accidental drop or a tussle with an attacker will not result in an accidental discharge.
  • The S333 also has its own spot on the California Handgun Roster - and we know how strict California is when it comes to gun safety. So, what this means is you now have your hand the safest concealed carry handgun on the market.
  • With the standard two-shot / one pull ability of the S333 Gen III you get what the experts call an deniably devastating wound that will keep any attacker down. The cavity and damage that two .22 magnum rounds impacting in the same place will gave narrows the choice for which concealed carry firearm belongs on your person. Assurance that what you carry for self-protection will deliver when you need it.
  • The small size, light weight, and two finger trigger system make the S333 Gen III perfect carry firearm for smaller hands or women looking for something to easily control and a firearm that works with you instead of against you.
  • The S333 Gen III is the best choice for any citizen who is looking for a reliable, sturdy, safe, and effective concealed carry firearm. The S333 is a double action (can only fire if the trigger is deliberately pulled) revolver, and not only is it compact and lightweight, but it packs a punch that no other revolver on the market can. Two .22 magnum bullets fired at the same time with the same impact area. WOW! Devastating effects on an attacker with confidence and reliability that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • The S333 gives you an easy pull trigger, in-trigger safety, transfer bar disengagement, and the reliability of a revolver all combined with day/night glow sights, improved accuracy, power, and control in a compact lightweight concealed carry revolver. What more could you ask for?

The choice is easy. Pick up a new S333 Gen III model and give yourself a peace of mind and security for when you need it.


Caliber .22 Win Mag
Capacity 8 Rounds
Barrel Length 2 1/4"
Cylinder Material High Strength Steel
System Double Barrel Double Action Revolver, Two Rounds Fired With Each Pull of the Trigger
Frame Material 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Safety Integral Articulated Trigger Safety, Transfer Bar Blocks Firing Pins From Hammers
Barrel Material Steel
Grip Polymer
Weight 18 oz
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Additional Information

S333 Thunderstruck Gen III
.22 WMR
Barrel Length:
2 1/4"
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