1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved

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  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved
  • 1911 Case Colored #1 Engraved



Deluxe #1 Custom Engraving Pattern

4140 Carbon Steel Frame and Slide CNC Machined from Forgings

5 inch Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel with Match Bushing

Lowered and Flared Ejection Port and Rear Slide Serrations

High Profile Low-Mount Tactical Sights

Enhanced Slide to Frame Fit

High Polished Case Colored Frame, Slide and Small Parts

Up-swept Beavertail Grip Safety and Extended Magazine Release

Checkered Mainspring Housing and Checkered Front Strap

Fully Machined Extended Tactical Thumb Safety and Slide Stop

Medium Solid Match Grade Trigger and Enhanced Machined Hammer with 4.5 Trigger Pull

Rosewood Double Diamond Stocks

**PLEASE NOTE: This item MUST be shipped to Licensed Firearms Dealer.  We will contact you for a copy of the FFL that you would like to use to transfer this firearm. **


This product is illegal in the states of Massachusetts and California

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    1911 CC#1

    Posted by Joshua R. Munkeby on 15th Sep 2021

    I ordered a 1911 CC engraved#1 a little over a week ago from Bill's gun range in Robinsdale MN........and believe me when I tell you I can hardly wait to receive it. Thanks for putting out a quality American made product for a reasonable price, I wish more Americans would do the same.

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    Standard Mfg 1911

    Posted by Robert R. on 8th Apr 2021

    Recieved this gun quick it was the hit of the town what a beauty, very nice and very nice price and fast enough shipping my ffl flipped over this piece.

  • 5

    Posted by Casey B. on 20th Jul 2020

    I was looking for a unique 1911 to add to my firearm collection. I stumbled across a brand I had never heard of and after a little research I decided to take a chance. I had my local gun shop find my Standard Manufacturing Case Hardened Engraved 1911. BEST decision I have ever made with a firearm purchase. I won't own anything that I don't shoot and I don't keep anything that doesn't shoot well. The fit and finish were better than my Colt and Smith and Wesson PC. It wasn't just pretty, it was accurate. I was so impressed it I put the owner at the local shop on the hunt for my Standard Manufacturing Blued 1911. The name is fitting, these 1911s set my new Standard!

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    STD Manufacturing 1911 Case Colored Engraved

    Posted by Clyde H. on 15th Jul 2020

    My wife asked me what could she get me for Christmas and I had just the answer, I had read about this pistol in American Rifleman and fell absolutely in love with it. When it was ordered the sales lady told us that it would be many weeks before shipment, until she was told that this purchase was for a Christmas gift and we were moved up enough to receive it in time! Thanks ladies! Well, I received it for Christmas of 2018, I use it as my daily carry, it is never NOT with me. Plus I shoot with it every third Saturday of each month in Cleveland Tennessee at CHRP club in the IDPA. So far, it has had at least 3000+ rounds down the barrel and it functions just like the day I first put my hands on her! When our range officer commands me to load and make ready, he is always eyeing this gun, and I tell him don't be lusting over my weapon and the response is " I can't help it". I have had so many compliments on it, and when a new shooter sees me pull it out of my holster I get a million questions about it. I don't regret spending that kind of money on a weapon like this because it has brought me such joy and been worth every nickel. This 1911 hand gun has been the pinnacle of my gun ownership and always will. Even today, my wife says she's never seen such a smile when she presented this gun to me.

  • 5

    Posted by Dennis A on 16th Oct 2019

    Price , Quality , are reasons I bought the Standard Manufacturing 1911. I have wanted one for years but didn't feel justified paying the normal prices for a custom 1911. This one should fill the bill and not break the bank !

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    1911 Case Colored & Engraved

    Posted by James R West on 4th Dec 2018

    When I saw this work of art offered on sale from grabagun.com I thought there's no way way this 1911 looks as good in real life as it does in the photograph and I was right, it looks even better! This firearm has an absolutely gorgeous case hardened finish, every screw, pin and moving part has a deep polished shine with superb engraving. The attention to detail is obvious from the moment you pick it up. In my opinion Standard Mfg. has knocked the ball out of the park with this beautiful and affordable 1911 masterpiece!

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    I just received my 1911 Color Case Hardened Engraved and all I have to say is WOW!!!

    Posted by Ferris Sticksel on 2nd May 2018

    I have many 1911’s in my collection from Colt to Sig, including a Remington 1911R1 200th Anniversary Engraved and a S&W E-Series Engraved and yours just blows them away. The color case hardening is beautiful, and the engraving is fantastic. I must admit I have never met an engraved gun I didn’t like, but I am just totally fascinated by this one. While it will never be fired and spend it’s time with me in a display case, it appears to be a very well made, tight .45. I applaud you for bringing a truly beautiful work or art to the 1911 community for a bargain price. Yes almost $2,000 for a 1911 may not seem a bargain to many, but the workmanship and quality sets this gun well above the norm and I see it as a true bargain. OK, enough hyperbole – I just want to say I am a VERY satisfied customer and plan to show it to as many of my collecting friends as I can. I have already referenced the article in the new “Guns and Ammo” that showcased the gun, along with the SAA, to my friends and can’t wait to show it to them in person. Can’t wait for the SAA.

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    1991 Case Colored

    Posted by Stephen Edwards on 3rd Apr 2018

    Just purchased a 1911 case colored hardened engraved, from buds gun shop...man!!!! Beautiful, great shooter and good looking!!!! Everyone that sees it can't believe it !! Great job, thank you :)

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